Blue Death: a film about nematode worms and ageing

My colleague Barry J Gibb made this really lovely film about how nematode worms are being used to study the ageing process. Was particularly struck by the revelations about their success in increasing the life spans of these little worms, along with their poignant death under the microscope.

2 thoughts on “Blue Death: a film about nematode worms and ageing”

  1. Bold use of contrast in those talking heads! I like it… I wonder if he shot on a DSLR in order to get that dynamic range without gross clipping in the highlights.

    Also, keep thinking of Jimmy Fallon on SNL in “the Barry Gibb Talk Show.”

    1. It works well, doesn’t it? Not a DSLR though, we both use Sony EX1 cameras which seem to have a pretty good dynamic range. He’s on twitter as @barryjamesgibb if you want to find out more.

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