Blue Death: a film about nematode worms and ageing

My colleague Barry J Gibb made this really lovely film about how nematode worms are being used to study the ageing process. Was particularly struck by the revelations about their success in increasing the life spans of these little worms, along with their poignant death under the microscope.

Hello world!

My website had been languishing without update for over two years so, rather than try and design a whole new site with my rubbish and outdated web design skillz (CSS what??), I’ve created a blog instead. Will mostly be used as a place to collect the stuff I work on as Multimedia Editor at the Wellcome Trust, so videos and interactive stuff about biomedical science and related art. I also reserve the right to post whatever other flotsam and jetsam float into my brain demanding internet space, which will probably include old projects I’ve worked on but potentially also pictures of cats with stupid captions which never gets old as far as I’m concerned.

Would love any feedback on the work I put up here.

If you’re so inclined, you can follow me on twitter, am @marthasadie.

Most of my videos end up here on the Wellcome Collection YouTube channel, but some also here on the Wellcome Trust one.