Game Play: how to develop engaging games for a discerning audience

An article by myself and Danny Birchall for Museum-iD:


“How come I only understood what I’d seen in a museum after playing this game?!’’
Comment about ‘High tea’ on the gaming portal Kongregate

Making a good museum game means serious collaboration between game-makers and curators. Danny Birchall and Martha Henson of the Wellcome Trust on how to develop engaging games for a discerning audience…

Wellcome Trust Game


It seems traditional for any article about games to start with an introduction which includes a statement about how much money they make each year ($65bn a year according to Reuters), a supposedly surprising statistic about who plays them (a 43 year-old woman is the average player of social games), and a query as to why they aren’t therefore taken more seriously than they are. However, it seems this might finally have become unnecessary since, in many spheres, games are already being taken very seriously indeed.

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